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Mesh fencing range

by Mark Rowe

Heras, the perimeter protection manufacturer, has launched Zenith, its accredited range of security mesh fencing. It’s Heras’ high security fencing offering and complements its accredited entrance control, demarcation and intrusion detection products.

The firm reports that Zenith offers protection against vandalism and intrusion by its anti-climbing 358 mesh, secure foundations and security toppings, such as barbed wire. Each Zenith system has been designed to meet a range of security needs and have been tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to gain the necessary security ratings (SR).

The Zenith product range include Zenith SR1, Zenith SR2 and Zenith SR3 (pictured), each offering different protection depending on customer needs. At the lower end the single skin Zenith SR1 protects against opportunist vandalism, perhaps in a school; while the more robust, triple skin Zenith SR3 protects the most critical assets such as within power stations, research centres, oil and gas terminals, military and utility sites. Zenith SR2 is suited the developers suggest to utilities, offering a midpoint solution which protects against a more determined opportunist attack with tools of a higher mechanical advantage, for example bolt cutters.

As for the design, the Zenith SR2 and Zenith SR3 include two layers of steel mesh panels which are welded together at 90 degrees to each other to provide a more solid construction built to last for years as well as extra safeguards against attack. The prefabricated panels of the entire range require just 11 fixings per post to allow for quick installation. This also gives the final installation a clean design so it is more aesthetically pleasing than alternative options.

Barbora Stewart, UK Marketing Manager at Heras says: “Today more than ever, organisations need to protect their people, premises and other assets from a growing number of security threats. Introducing Zenith fencing means Heras can now offer customers a complete high security solution including fencing, entrance control, detection systems as well as a range of design, installation, maintenance and project management services.”


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