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Videos for wireless PIR camera

by Mark Rowe

Luminite Electronics, the British manufacturer of wireless and hard wired PIR detectors have added to their Youtube channel to aid users of the OCULi wireless PIR camera, pictured.

OCULi is a stand-alone passive infra-red detector with a camera. The product is designed to protect vulnerable areas where CCTV cannot be installed due to power and internet limitations. OCULi does not require external power and is instead powered by two lithium batteries with an expected life of up to one year, and is said by the makers to be suited for construction sites, vacant properties, utility sites and farms.

Fitted with a VGA colour-monochrome camera and infra-red LED, OCULi uses the 3g mobile phone network to sendvisual verification of a detected event. Each unit is fitted with a roaming SIM that will pick up the strongest network signal, irrespective of provider to ensure the fastest delivery of images. No other equipment is required on site as each OCULi works independently, the product company adds.

The new You Tube video at shows step by step how to get the most out of the powerful web portal which has been developed as a fully functioning self-monitoring tool. The portal allows users to configure functions including arm and dis-arm, programmable scheduling, PIR setting adjustments and the viewing of events.

In most cases adjustments to the unit’s functionality can be made via this portal, eliminating the need the product developers add for costly site visits.

Luminite will continue to add further videos to their Youtube channel, such as on getting the most out of the free mobile phone apps; and new applications.

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