CCTV Surveillance: Analog And Digital Video Practices And Technology

by msecadm4921

Author: Herman Kruegle

ISBN No: 0-7506-7768-6

Review date: 30/11/2023

No of pages: 672

Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann

Publisher URL:

Year of publication: 11/09/2012


Mammoth video guide: CCTV Surveillance by US consultant Herman Kruegle is the sort of monster, 650-page book that leaves you slightly breathless if you lift it.

(Note: Herman Kruegle emailed, mentioning that the first edition took five years and this second, the digital update, too three. He asked to add to this review: "I certainly would appreciate knowing about any errors in the book and will try to correct them in the next printing. Any other constructive comments would also be appreciated." For details visit

It’s a revised second edition of his 1995 book, CCTV Surveillance, a hefty technical run-down of applications, how to design and install a system, and how to choose the right hardware. This edition takes in digital cameras and recorders, remote monitoring over the internet, and CCTV’s integration with other security systems. Everything is here: video motion detectors, lighting, control room and console design, covert video. Eight new chapters cover digital video, multiplexers, integrated camera-lens-housing, smart domes, and rapid deployment CCTV. For such a heavy book, diagrams and photos make it a surprisingly easy read. It’s churlish to seek fault in such a mammoth undertaking, but I did find one or two errors in photo captions. Readers wanting a more pocket-sized textbook, that says colour and analogue, not color and analog, may prefer the late Mike Constant’s The Principles and Practice of CCTV (2005), available from Tavcom Training.


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