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ASDA Stores UK have selected Cinario Enterprise Manager (Cinario EM) to integrate and manage all of its security systems in 81 selected ASDA, ASDA Living and George stores around the UK.

The product will let ASDA remotely control and monitor security equipment including in-store CCTV, electronic article surveillance, power fence and intruder alarms – which will be used by ASDA’s corporate security team to manage in-store security. This has already helped in foiling a £1m armed robbery at one of the initial trial stores.

The deployment will also enable ASDA to step in and automatically perform key security functions if, for example, they have been overlooked by colleagues. This will enable ASDA to provide an safety net for the most critical actions and allow it to produce management reports highlighting any operational issues that may have resulted from training issues or possible deliberate actions to misuse security equipment. Using a series of ‘Loss Prevention Dashboards’ the system will be used from within the stores right up to executive level. The dashboards clearly indicate how each site is performing against ASDA security standards across a comprehensive suite of 25 key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Sean Bowen, head of security at ASDA said: “We have a business goal at ASDA which is, ‘we operate for less,’ which means that we run our business as efficiently as we can with the benefit reflected in the low prices we can offer our customers. We’re therefore continually looking for ways to both reduce our losses and to improve our operational efficiency. We have selected Cinario as it puts big ticks in both of these boxes.

“Throughout the years ASDA has invested significantly in in-store protection and we have led the way in many specific security areas so that our shrink levels are amongst the lowest in the business. What we have been looking for until now is a solution, which moves up to the next level in how our existing security equipment actually gets used to maximise its benefit. ASDA has been working with Cinario for more than two years and we have been impressed by its ability to bring data from all our systems together in a format designed by the end users, allowing us to deploy key security management information across our estate by exception.

“The system also has additional intelligent management and automation capabilities, which we will use throughout our business. This project will enable us operate a more effective loss prevention policy, whilst reducing our in store operating costs.”

The software is built on a secure, scalable, industry standard architecture, and is designed to be deployed in environments where anything from one to thousands of premises are monitored.

“We are delighted to be selected by ASDA as its loss prevention management solution,” said Charlie Sherlock, CEO, Cinario. “ASDA is well known as the innovator in the UK retail industry, and as the leader in its approach to loss prevention. This is an exciting project, which will enable ASDA to have a level of visibility and control over its environments which was just not achievable before. As a result of this project, ASDA’s operational risks and losses in the stores will be reduced, and ASDA will also see an immediate reduction in its in-store operating costs.”

This phase of the project will roll out to 81 stores this year, and will be implemented by the end of November.

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