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Terror Intelligence

by msecadm4921

Intelligence and the Sociology of Terrorism is the title of a joint event by RUSI and St Anthony’s College, Oxford on December 8 and 9, at St Anthony’s College.

It’s part of a joint Research Programme run by the Pluscarden Programme of St Antony’s and the Homeland Security and Resilience Department of RUSI. The workshop seeks to present the current situation regarding intelligence and counter-terrorism in UK; to examine the vulnerability of the education system in UK to exploitation; and to explore connections between extremism and criminality.

Extremism in present-day UK society presents us all with difficult choices, say organisers. For further information on this event or to discuss sponsorship ring Suraj Lakhani on 0207 747 2629 or mail [email protected]; for registrations call 0207 747 2619.

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