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Warning Over Bandwidth

by msecadm4921

SurfControl, the internet filtering software company, warns that current business IT infrastructures are set to buckle.

SurfControl, the internet filtering software company, warns that current business IT infrastructures are set to buckle over the next couple of years under unprecedented bandwidth pressure. Two pieces of research in as many weeks, predict that Internet traffic flow is about to explode in the UK. LINX (London Internet Exchange) stated that use is undeterred by the economic downturn and that their peak internet traffic flow is three times greater than it was a year ago and claim that it will increase ten-fold in the next two years. In addition, a recent survey of’s European consumer habits, found that Britons were the second worst offenders of cyber-shopping while at work, with 40 per cent admitting to on-the-job buying sprees. Steve Purdham, SurfControl CEO, says: ?With Christmas around the corner this statistic could double within weeks this not only means that a phenomenal 80 per cent of the UK staff’s productivity levels are in danger of decreasing – but bandwidth problems associated with internet connectivity might pose a threat to businesses not already managing its access.? SurfControl believe that businesses trying to accommodate the bandwidth burden by upgrading IT infrastructures will find it extremely costly in today’s financial climate. The only viable cost-effective solution to managing bandwidth wastage is to deploy effective Internet use policies through the implementation of web and email filtering software, SurfControl argue. Brian Burke, Senior Research Analyst, IDC comments; “Based on our research into Enterprise Internet Management sector, there is a real need in the corporate marketplace to ensure that Internet misuse does not affect the company’s productivity levels. Using sophisticated internet filtering solutions with an Acceptable Use Policy, protects the company against productivity losses from excessive web-surfing during working hours, bandwidth wastage and litigation from inappropriate use of internet resources.” See

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