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Travel safety and mental health, post-pandemic

by Mark Rowe

Anna-Liisa Tampuu of the emergency medical and security response service Northcott Global Solutions (NGS) was featured in the May 2019 print edition of Professional Security magazine. The subject; travel safety, whether for business or pleasure, and the particular risks faced by women. Hence the women-only network Shetravel; and a webinar tomorrow, ‘Travel safety and mental health: Travel during and post the global pandemic’.

The question for all travellers: ‘Has the risk landscape changed?’

Speakers will cover how the pandemic has changed the travel landscape, and perceived travel risks, for solo female travellers. If faced by a threat – whether of robbery or a traffic accident – stress and anxiety can have an impact upon decision-making and vulnerability to those threats, as the webinar organisers point out.

The invited speakers are Charlotte Copeland, a psychotherapist, of SafeHaven Trauma Centre Ltd, which offers a critical incident stress management service; Caroline Neil, Managing Director of RPS Partnership, a much-travelled security and risk mitigation adviser; and personal trainer Claire Bull, who as the Director/Lead Trainer of Better Bodies UK also has an interest in and offers first aid mental health courses.

They will suggest that there are ways to combat stress before it happens and some strategies that a business and a first-aider alike can put in place for mental health.

The webinar opens at 5pm tomorrow. Visit Eventbrite for ticket details.

Northcott meanwhile has released a 30-second video outlining travel safety. With the right attitude and training, travel risks – while it can be stressful – can, with careful planning before departure and during the trip, be substantially reduced.

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