British Standard drafts

by Mark Rowe

You have until Monday, June 30 to comment on the draft British Standard BS7499 which covers static site guarding and mobile patrol services. Visit –

Separately, British Standard BS 8473 has been released for public comment.

BS 8473 gives guidance on the management of intruder and hold-up alarm systems (I&HAS), and the management of alarm conditions when they occur. The aim: to reduce the nuisance factor and waste of resources in responding to false alarms. This document applies to all remotely notified intruder and hold-up alarm systems and also applies to audible only intruder and hold-up alarm systems, except where otherwise stated.

The BSI operates a public on-line facility called Draft Review System (DRS) for people wanting to review the DPC and/or to submit comments on the DPC. Once you register with a user name and password, the facility is open.

The DRS can be accessed via the following link:

In this particular case the deadline for submitting comments on BS 8473 is August 31.


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