Heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm

by Mark Rowe

Aico has launched its first combined heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. The Ei3028 from Aico is the fire detection product company’s first mains powered multi-sensor heat and CO alarm, for use in the kitchen and garage.

The product firm says that cooking appliances are the main cause of accidental dwelling fires and non-fatal casualties. They, and other appliances often found in a kitchen such as boilers, also pose a danger in the form of CO – a potentially lethal gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. Hence the combining of heat and CO detection in one alarm.

The Ei3028 contains Aico’s electrochemical CO sensor and its thermistor heat sensor which reacts to temperatures of 58 degrees C or over (and not to smoke, so it won’t alarm at cooking vapours). To distinguish between the two events – fire or CO – the alarm has a different sound for each, plus there are flashing fire and CO indicators on the unit. It comes with AudioLINK data extraction and SmartLINK whole system remote data monitoring.

Managing Director Neal Hooper says: “To protect against both fire and CO has traditionally meant fitting two separate alarms – a Heat Alarm and a CO Alarm. The Ei3028 features both in one compact unit which is cost-effective in terms of outlay and installation, plus a single ceiling mounted alarm is aesthetically more appealing than two, especially if they are mismatched in design style.”

The Ei3028is designed to work as part of a fire alarm system that also includes smoke alarms, all interconnected to meet British Standards. It forms part of Aico’s new 3000 Series alarms, which includes a mains powered Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm and single sensor Optical, Heat and CO Alarms, providing property coverage from one Series.

Aico’s AudioLINK data extraction enables real time alarm data (such as the number of times tested and details of alarm activations) to be extracted to a smartphone or tablet via an App which creates an alarm status report. AudioLINK also aids compliance for landlords, providing proof that alarms are working at the start of a new tenancy and with annual gas safety checks. Visit

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