Indian certification

by Mark Rowe

The biometrics and identity product company Suprema ID reports that its latest BioMini Plus 2 fingerprint authentication scanner has been tested and received UIDAI Registered Device Level 0 certification from the Government of India’s STQC (Standardization Testing and Quality Certification. The STQC certification is an essential requirement for procurements of India government’s nationwide UID project.

Bogun Park, CEO at Suprema ID, said: “BioMini Plus 2 has been specially developed to meet stringent requirements for the India government’s UIDAI projects which demand fast and high quality image capturing. In addition, with its compatibility to Android systems, mobile-oriented MDR technology, and anti-spoofing LFD, we are confident to gain further market share over UIDAI projects as well as fast-emerging biometric identification projects in many countries.”

Suprema ID is presenting its STQC-certified BioMini series fingerprint authentication scanners and RealScan series enrollment scanners at International Police Expo in New Delhi on May 10 and 11. Visit

Suprema says its patented Multi Dynamic Range (MDR) guarantees image capture even under extreme lighting (such as under direct sunlight up to 100,000 LUX) regardless of the moisture level of captured finger skin, it’s claimed. The BioMini Plus 2 now provides anti-spoofing security with the company’s proprietary live fingerprint detection (LFD) based on machine learning. The makers claim that eliminates possible fraud using various fake fingerprint materials including clay, rubber, silicon, paper and film.

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