Bridging the gap to IP

by msecadm4921

The SD Advanced Closed IPTV is a hybrid DVR/NVR, designed to bridge the gap between existing analogue cameras and the need to introduce the  benefits of Dedicated Micros high definition CamVu IP camera technology.



It is ideal for use in medium sized commercial and retail applications such as supermarkets, hotels and banking where both analogue and high definition IP cameras are required to cover specific areas such as tills and cash points where identification is required. The High Definition (HD)  CamVu IP cameras, which contain solid state storage, can be added incrementally and in a simple and secure way through DM’s Layer 3 enhanced CCTV switch and then seamlessly managed alongside analogue cameras using the powerful Video Management System (VMS) NetVu ObserVer – available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Sparc platforms – creating a truly flexible hybrid viewing architecture and an IP video system which has built in redundancy and and therefore no single point of failure.


SD Advanced Closed IPTV hybrid systems provide powerful security surveillance features such as sophisticated alarm integration and video transmission, MultiMode recording and streaming, TransCoding and on-board analytics such as ANPR, Object left/removed and virtual tripwire. Such features do not exist in other IP/hybrid products on the market. MultiMode recording and streaming creates an advantage when an event, such as an alarm or activity in an area of interest occurs. The recording rate, resolution and streaming rate of the SD Advanced and the HD IP cameras are seamlessly increased – without stopping and restarting the stream – to provide continuous and highly detailed images of potentially criminal activity – and when not in alarm, a lower streaming and recording resolution can be employed, to optimise recording capacity and network bandwidth. 


TransCoding, ensures that high resolution recordings are played back in a completely different format and resolution, seamlessly, with no interruption. This means that a recorded high definition video stream can be viewed remotely over a link that only supports relatively low data rates, such as a mobile connection, without affecting the quality of the original image. With the SD Advanced Closed IPTV version, CamVu  IP cameras are easily installed and set up, or added to an existing analogue system, due to the deterministic nature of a Dedicated Micros Closed IPTV system. Through the Layer 3 Enhanced CCTV Switch, simply connected to the network port on the SD Advanced Closed IPTV, cameras are automatically allocated IP addresses and assigned to specific network ports removing the need for any manual intervention and rapidly decreasing the time it takes to install an IP CCTV system.


DM’s Closed IPTV technology is best described as a hardened management layer, which sits within the SD Advanced application, which combines open standard IP protocols with patent pending innovation to provide easy to install, safe and secure IP video solutions, whether deployed in a standalone system, or across new and existing network infrastructures. Closed IPTV runs a dual addressing scheme, creating a segregated network “air gap” between the IP camera network and the corporate or general network. It creates firewalls and monitors point-to-point IP connections so they cannot be hacked or intercepted. The unique implementation of Trusted Endpoint technology creates a secret signature, applied at lock down, to ensure that endpoint devices such as IP cameras are secure, and trigger a security alert to the operator should any interference with the port be detected.  


Dedicated Micros’ range of Closed IPTV products includes the SD Advanced and SD Excel Hybrid DVRs/NVRs, CamVu IP Cameras, Mini Domes and IP PTZ Domes, Oracle Hybrid PTZ Dome and Infiniti IP PTZ domes and cameras are available through Provision, ADI and directly from Dedicated Micros to qualified installers. 

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