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Smart camera for parking software

by Mark Rowe

Munich-based Peter Park is a developer of parking management software, connecting digital services such as payment apps and e-charging, and navigation. Security comes into this cloud-based offering through automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).

Cameras identify a vehicle, and detect the time of stay. Peter Park is using smart cameras with microprocessors to allow on-board analysis via multiple video analytics applications on the camera. It’s based on an open IoT platform from Security & Safety Things, an off-shoot of Bosch. The analytics can detect smoke, fire, ice, and spills or other hazards on a car park. It means no need for parking gates and ticket machines; and cameras fitted with parking management apps can help to direct traffic flow. They can analyse the queue of vehicles waiting to enter a site and pair them to available spaces, or recognise when an area is full. People counting analytics can detect the number of people in each vehicle to assess daily occupancy level (for a corporate office) or anticipate event numbers (at a stadium).

Maximilian Schlereth, CEO and co-founder of Peter Park said: “We can not only use the best application for the computer vision task, but we can also pick and combine the best camera types of different suppliers for each setup, taking full use of the broad spectrum of different camera features such as zoom control, as an example.”

About Security & Safety Things

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