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TLS Configuration from ONVIF

by Mark Rowe

The US-based standardisation initiative for IP-based physical security products, ONVIF, has introduced the TLS Configuration Add-on (Release Candidate) for secure communications between devices and clients. TLS Configuration is the first in a new category of ONVIF add-ons, which are specifications that extend ONVIF conformance to product features that address a specific use case or end-user need. After a review period, the final specification is expected to be published at the end of 2023.

Add-ons add to the ONVIF profile model by enabling conformance to extra features and capabilities not already included in ONVIF profiles. Profiles are fixed sets of features that enable a functional product to be developed solely on the profile. In contrast, add-ons are adaptable to evolving technology or specification requirements and support version handling to accommodate new technology additions or updates, the body adds.

Leo Levit, Chairman, ONVIF Steering Committee, said: “The TLS Configuration Add-on Release Candidate is a great case for an add-on. It enables ONVIF conformance in a crucial area of security: secure communications between devices and clients. TLS and other cybersecurity specifications must constantly be kept up to date, and the add-on concept enables those critical adjustments to be made within the confines of the ONVIF conformance process.”

The draft add-on supports configuration for Transport Layer Security encryption, enabling a conformant video management system to initially configure or update TLS settings in a conformant device to support encrypted communications between the device and client.

The add-on concept enhances the ability of ONVIF to respond to the needs of the market with inter-operability for end users and systems integrators. Add-ons are also complementary to the ONVIF profile process, as products must also conform to an ONVIF profile before claiming conformance to an add-on.


Founded in 2008, ONVIF it’s an industry forum for inter-operability of IP-based physical security products. The global member base is of camera, video management system and access control companies and more than 25,000 profile conformant products. ONVIF offers Profile S for streaming video; Profile G for video recording and storage; Profile C for physical access control; Profile A for broader access control configuration; Profile T for advanced video streaming; Profile M for metadata and events for analytics applications and Profile D for access control peripherals. Visit www.ONVIF.org. ONVIF is holding committee meetings in Zagreb next month.

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