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Door increase

by Mark Rowe

The Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) reports that it has seen its biggest increase yet in membership. In the last 12 months, some 30 new members applied to join the DHF, the trade body representing the industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates and building hardware.

The federation now has 229 members and expects many more companies to join its rank in the coming months. These companies want to benefit from the Quality Assurance initiative that only DHF members can offer their customers. The companies are also looking to the DHF for help in complying with new legislation coming into force next year.

All member companies must adhere to the DHF’s Quality Assured standards of capability, customer service and quality. The DHF scheme follows the introduction last year of what the association terms a strengthened Code of Conduct governing members’ standards of workmanship, quality, training safety and business integrity.

DHF executive chairman Bob Perry said: “Adherence to the DHF QA standards by companies involved in the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of doors and shutters gives them the competitive edge in the market. In addition, on July 2013, it will become a criminal offence to place any non-fire external doorset or non-fire industrial or garage door on the market without a CE mark. Companies are realising they need the backing and support of the DHF to enable them to comply with all the procedures they have to go through before they can apply the CE mark.

“The significant increase in membership we are currently experiencing shows we are achieving our aim of driving up quality levels throughout the industry and delivering commercial benefit for our members.”

For more information about DHF membership, the DHF QA scheme, and CE marking visit

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