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Fencing with VCA

by Mark Rowe

Video Content Analysis (VCA) is the latest addition to Zaun’s British-made temporary fencing that went on show at the transport security exhibition Transec at London Olympia in November.

Zaun has added its re-deployable high-security PAS68 perimeter fencing that had already won industry awards for innovation and in use at the UK Conservative Party autumn conference in Manchester last month.

Zaun included VCA using Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras from video intelligence product company EyeLynx into Zaun’s Rapid Deployable System (RDS) that was a double award winner at the Counter Terror Expo Excellence Awards, including the Best Physical Security Innovation.

RDS saved police time on a use from Brighton to Birmingham (pictured) via Manchester for the three main UK political parties’ autumn conferences in 2012 and at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland in May 2013. After the Labour conference, Inspector Steve Worth, Specialist Operations Branch, Conference Planning Unit, Greater Manchester Police, said: “RDS is now firmly the preferred product for the delivery of security operations for party political conferences we police, fully supported by the Home Office.”

EyeLynx’s Pharos system is claimed to be a true rapid deployment High Definition (HD) CCTV system with Edge Recording Cluster (ERC) that includes an intelligent recorder, management software and wireless communications in the same unit.

It uses the SharpView VCA recording engine, which can accommodate multiple slave PTZ cameras of any make connected to the master. The firms say that the number of ‘slaves’ is limited only by power and bandwidth.

Cameras record HD 24/7 and whenever the perimeter is compromised or a potential intruder approaches too close to the fence, Pharos will send a snapshot alert to the control centre for visual verification – or to assigned personal mobile devices, such as the police nearest to the breach.

Zaun and EyeLynx have developed a technique for embedding the cabling into the fence posts and have created an integrated power cabinet in the post base to enable on-site deployment without the need for heavy machinery, the perimeter product firm adds.

Only the master unit needs a SIM card, which sends the video intelligence to a workstation, into which anyone authorised can dial and view live footage, or rewind and replay from any of the cameras.

Zaun co-founder and director Alastair Henman said: ‘RDS was already unique in providing hostile vehicle mitigation up to 30mph in a rapidly deployed temporary fencing solution with no below ground foundations. But we haven’t rested on our laurels. This integration of advanced electronics and top end CCTV also designed for rapid deployment lifts temporary high security perimeter protection to new heights.’

Zaun developed a mobile Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) fence for the London 2012 Olympic Games, mounting its PAS 68 Multi-Fence product into concrete blocks to resist attack by 7.5 tonne vehicles driven at it at 40mph.

Zaun installed almost 5km of fencing at temporary venues including Horse Guards Parade, Wembley Stadium and Arena, Greenwich Park, the O2 Arena, the Royal Artillery Barracks, St James’s Park Newcastle and Weymouth sailing village.
PAS 68:2010 is the latest of BSi’s Publicly Available Specifications for vehicle security barriers, which is the benchmark for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) equipment. It specifies the regime for products to be tested against.

Henman said: “Transec brings both focus and clarity to the complex and multifaceted task of protecting people and assets from the threat presented by international terrorism.
“With this threat remaining at a very high level and those with the desire, intent and means to do harm proving to be nimble, inventive and extremely dangerous adversaries, we need opportunities like Transec to discuss the issues of the day and to develop the counter-measures of tomorrow.“

About Zaun Limited

With regional offices in France and Dubai, Zaun offers temporary, PAS68 and permanent fencing. Zaun was founded in 1996 by directors Alastair Henman and Paul Painter and remains a privately owned company, manufacturing in the UK at its five-acre factory in the West Midlands. Zaun manufactures to ISO 9001:2008 standards and is a member of the ethical supply chain initiative, Sedex. It is also a member of the Perimeter Security Suppliers’ Association (PSSA), for which Painter is a founding member and director; the Fencing Contractors’ Association (FCA), for which Henman is a council member; and the Sports and Play Construction Association, SAPCA. Its products carry a 12-year product guarantee.

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