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Hybrid detection

by Mark Rowe

Harper Chalice have launched their new TriSecure product. TriSecure is described by the perimeter detection product company as a combination system that uses the CPNI-approved microphonic detection system, FenceSecure, and CPNI-approved electric pulse fence system PulseSecure to create a hybrid.

Harper Chalice Managing Director Chris Hackett said: “We listened to our customers and industry feedback and found what they wanted was to be able to get the best of both technologies rather than having to compromise by choosing a single system. TriSecure not only delivers that but at the same time it removes the weaknesses of each individual technology to provide a much more reliable, secure and effective system.”

That an electric fence can cause accidental shocks to staff or contractors and vegetation causes false alarms are removed, the makers say, as the electric fence is above the height of the host fence at more than 2m above ground level. At that height, all these issues are negated; but the physical and psychological deterrent remains, it’s claimed.

As the electric fence provides the anti-climb prevention and detection, the Microphonic PID is only required to detect penetration attack meaning the system can be set up to reduce false alarms. Climbing attacks are always going to require a more sensitive setting to detect over a penetration attack. This negates according to the manufacturers the biggest perceived issue with microphonic PIDs (perimeter intrusion detection products); the false alarm ate.

Harper Chalice’s SecureBus communications network brings the technologies together for centralised control and monitoring. SecureBus also provides TCP/IP connection and integration with other third party security management systems for monitoring.

Hackett added: “When it comes to security, particularly high security applications, compromise should never be an option. Instead systems should work together, with the right technology in the right place, to provide complete security solutions. That is our role as security system providers, to provide the solutions required to meet the market needs – which was the compelling reason behind the introduction of TriSecure system.”

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