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Author: Pamela Meyer


Review date: 29/11/2023

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Year of publication: 11/09/2012


Mark Twain said there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. He also remarked that: “Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing the matter with this, except that it ain’t so.” It ain’t so indeed. 

The average person is lied to up to 200 times a day, says the American author of a book on deception, Liespotting.    Friends, lovers, spouses, family members, work colleagues and salespeople lie to us all the time. Daily, hourly, constantly. When it comes to being lied to no one gets a free pass. But now Pamela Meyer has given us the tool we need to spot, cope with, counter, and even trump lies. No matter their size, their disguise, or their statistical embellishment.   Liespotting will teach you practical and proven analytical and interpretive techniques guaranteed to detect lying and all other forms of verbal deceit. These techniques were developed by our national espionage, intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies over the last 75 years. Many of these highly sophisticated techniques were discovered and refined by the top psychologists and psychiatrists at America’s leading research universities and think tanks.   Consider: One study found that over a one-week period, lies were detected in   37 percent of phone calls 27 percent of face to face meetings 21 percent of IM chats 14 percent of emails The apparent outbreak of honesty in instant messages and emails is likely due to their leaving a paper trail. As anyone can see, lying is pandemic and protection is called for.   Pamela Meyer shares the same techniques in Liespotting that she has used to train upper tier executives at America’s most successful companies. You’ll learn:   The single most dangerous facial expression to watch out for in business and personal relationships. The ten questions that get people to tell you anything. A five-step method for spotting and stopping the lies told in nearly every high-stakes business negotiation and interview. Dozens of postures, gestures, and facial expressions that should put you on alert for deception. The telltale phrases and verbal responses that separate truthful stories from deceitful ones. Interpretive skills to a secret language of gestures, words, facial ploys, tics and quirks, and telltale grammatical and rhetorical give-aways. Such abilities are invaluable in business. They will prove their worth in every situation from a crucial negotiation to a charged boardroom meeting, from a manager’s tense strategy session to a high-level job interview, from a complicated legal proceeding to a difficult performance evaluation.   And then there’s the bonus Liespotting offers everyone, in the family, the home, the club, the reading circle, the coffee klatch, and the PTA meeting. Pamela Meyer will teach you how to see through any encounter, business or personal, so you can get right to the truth and build a circle of trusted, knowledgeable and wise advisors around you. You’ll create your own “kitchen cabinet” and enhance your life and that of everyone you share it with.


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