Digital banking platform

by Mark Rowe

Santander International, the Jersey and Isle of Man arm of the bank, selected Temenos for its digital banking platform. Given the need for strong authentication, the identity security product company HID was brought in for the securing of the platform’s digital channels.

To support the transition from web banking to what the bank terms a mobile-centric experience, HID recommended its mobile client SDK (software development kit), HID Approve, which can be integrated into a mobile banking application. The mobile SDK supports log-in and transaction signing for the authentication of the customer.

Caleb Wattles, Senior Product Manager in the Identity and Access Management division at HID, said: “Our goal is to empower them with the tools they need to protect both their customers and their reputation. We are committed to meeting banks wherever they are in their journey, and we look forward to continuing our support for Santander International as they continue their digital transformation.”

HID says that it uses various methods to ensure the technology itself is also robust. This includes automatic key rotation built into the mobile authentication, runtime application self-protection, and finally subjecting the tech to security certification procedures. Some 70 configurable security policies provide, the security firm says, a more granular control so that banks such as Santander can tailor the security posture and user experience to their specific requirements.

Wattles adds: “Santander International’s journey is particularly interesting. They initially implemented our off-the-shelf mobile authenticator client before ultimately embedding the technology stack directly into their application. This demonstrates HID’s ability to cater to each customer’s unique needs and support them throughout their digital transformation journey.”

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