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by msecadm4921

Exhibiting at the Building Performance show at Olympia, London on October 5 and 6 ( are SeeFAR with their site and building access product BuildingMINDER.

The firm reports that the product has been recently developed to solve the problem of key management – it uses mobile technology to provide access to doors, barriers, gates, car parks, and garages, in fact any site -manned or unmanned, which needs to provide restricted access. The makers add that Crown Castle, an estate management company, is trialling the service at a number of sites.

What they say

Peter Manolescue, Sales and Marketing Director of SeeFAR says: "BuildingMINDER enables huge savings in time and money for any company which wants to control site access. Unlike tokens or card keys people don’t tend to lose their mobile phone so we use this as the device to provide site access. It means there are no more cards and keys to manage, the system is secure and provides a full audit trail of who went where and when and provides the ideal solution for remote premises and sites. In my view given the economic pressures on business there couldn’t be an easier way for a company to save money."

The firm reports that any breaches in security are sent via alarms and alerts to pre-defined SMS and email destination enabling rapid response when required. In the event of a power failure the system has battery back-up providing 48 hours operation. Or if getting power to the site is a problem solar cells can be used.

The BuildingMINDER service can be retrofitted, the makers add, to existing doors and gates, and standard installation uses wireless technology. In addition, system management uses a standard web browser and users and schedules can be added or removed which means that operating costs are kept to a minimum, it is claimed.

About SeeFAR

SeeFar Limited describes itself as a hosted building management systems provider for organisations that need to remotely manage and monitor buildings and facilities. Other planned products, the firm adds, include energy management, security management and services management.

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