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Oi To Yobs

by msecadm4921

Anti-social behaviour has serious consequences, says Home Secretary Charles Clarke.

Publishing new guidance encouraging councils to use publicity to help enforce individual anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs), Mr Clarke made it clear that offenders can expect to have their personal details publicised to protect the community. 

New ASBO figures published show take-up; more than 3,800 have been issued since they were introduced in 1999, with almost 20 per cent of these being issued in the most recent quarter (July to September 2004). The Home Secretary also emphasised that ASBOs have teeth – with hooligans facing a prison term as the ultimate sanction for breaching an ASBO. Some 42 per cent of the orders have been breached.

What they say

Mr Clarke said: “Tackling anti-social behaviour is a major priority for the Government. We know that too many communities are still blighted by the mindless behaviour of a few yobs, who can ruin the quality of life for everyone. Many offenders think that they are untouchable and above the law. If they thought that there would be a news blackout on their actions they must now think again. Publicising ASBOs has been tested in the courts and today we are making the position crystal clear – your photo could be all over the local media, your local community will know who you are, and breaching an ASBO could land you in prison.

“Publicity is part of proper enforcement, which is essential if we are to tackle anti-social behaviour and reassure communities that something is being done.

“The Government’s TOGETHER campaign to tackle anti-social behaviour has already seen communities and agencies coming together across the country to take a stand against anti-social behaviour to great effect. The powers we have given the authorities are being used, crime is down, the chance of being a victim of crime is at its lowest for 20 years and for the first time in years peopleare starting to feel the effect of the action taken to tackle the problem.”

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