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PAC 511 DCi Access Controller Kits by Comelit-PAC

by Josh Brace

In an era where smart security and convenience are paramount, Comelit-PAC is proud to introduce the PAC 511 DCi Access Controller Kits.

Steve Riley, Division Director of Comelit-PAC highlights how these kits are meticulously designed to equip installers and distribution partners with all the essential tools necessary to deliver smart solutions for safeguarding properties.

As businesses and organisations increasingly prioritise secure access control, the PAC 511 kits provide a streamlined, efficient, and effective solution to meet these growing demands.

Simplified Installation for Seamless Security

Recognising the need for quick and easy installation, regardless of the size or type of the premises, Comelit-PAC has developed dedicated kits to ensure a seamless access control system setup.

The kits are designed with the installer in mind, offering components that are easy to integrate and set up, thereby reducing installation time and effort.  From initial design to streamlining the set-up process, these kits empower installers to deliver bespoke solutions with seamless integration capabilities that meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Equipped with advanced features to enhance security and ease of use, the innovative one-touch mode allows for easy testing and commissioning, ensuring convenience without compromising on security.

Additionally, the kits incorporate PAC OPSTM anti-cloneable technology, providing robust protection against unauthorised access and card cloning.

These kits are designed to work flawlessly with our industry-leading access control software, Access Central™, offering comprehensive management and control over your security system.

PAC 511 DCi Starter Kit

The PAC 511 DCi Starter Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to kickstart access control systems with ease and efficiency. This all-inclusive kit includes essential components that ensure a robust and reliable access control system.

Key features of the Starter Kit include:

  • PAC 511 DCi Unit: Housed in a sturdy metal enclosure, the PAC 511 DCi unit is the core of the system.
  • 3A PSU Power Supply Unit: This power supply unit provides consistent and reliable power to the system, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  • GS3 Mullion HF Reader: The high-frequency reader delivers advanced security features, including enhanced encryption and secure communication protocols, providing robust access control.
  • Admin MT Reader: This reader allows administrators to securely add and manage credentials, ensuring only authorised personnel have access to the system.
  • 10 PAC OPS™ Fobs: These fobs provide convenient and secure access for authorised personnel, ensuring ease of use and enhanced security.

The combination of these components ensures the PAC 511 DCi Starter Kit provides a complete solution for setting up an access control system quickly and efficiently. The inclusion of advanced readers and secure credentials ensures the system is both secure and user-friendly.

PAC 511 DCi Expansion Kit

The PAC 511 DCi Expansion Kit is designed to enhance existing security measures and expand the capabilities of the access control system.

This kit is ideal for organisations looking to scale their security infrastructure without overhauling their existing systems.

Key features of the Expansion Kit include:

  • GS3 Mullion HF Reader: This reader enhances security measures with its advanced functionality, including higher encryption standards and more secure communication protocols.
  • PAC 511 DCi Unit: Similar to the Starter Kit, the expansion kit includes a PAC 511 DCi unit housed in a durable metal enclosure.
  • 3A Power Supply Unit: Provides reliable power to the system, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Standard Ethernet Port Connection: The system can be connected to a network via a standard Ethernet port, making the installation process quick and simple. This connectivity feature ensures the system can easily integrate with existing network infrastructure.

The Expansion Kit allows for seamless scalability, enabling businesses to grow their access control systems as their security needs evolve. By providing advanced security features and easy integration, the Expansion Kit ensures that the expanded system remains secure and efficient.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

By offering a range of kits that cater to different needs and scales, Comelit-PAC demonstrates its commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of access control.

The PAC 511 Access Controller Kits are designed to provide high-performance, secure, and user-friendly solutions, ensuring businesses and organisations can effectively safeguard their properties. Particularly beneficial in environments where downtime must be minimised, such as commercial buildings, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

Comprehensive, reliable, and scalable solutions for modern access control needs, whether setting up a new system or expanding an existing one, these kits provide all the necessary tools to ensure secure and efficient access control management.

With a focus on ease of installation, advanced security features, and seamless integration, the PAC DCi 511 kits are poised to meet the demands of today’s dynamic security landscape, empowering businesses to protect their premises effectively.

Ultimately, the PAC 511 DCi kits stand as a testament to Comelit-PAC providing a comprehensive solution for high-performance, affordable and secure digital access control needs.

These kits ensure not only smart security and robust protection but also a hassle-free installation process.

As we continue to pioneer innovation in the security industry, Comelit-PAC remains dedicated to empowering our partners and installers to deliver smart technology seamlessly, meeting the demands of today’s dynamic security landscape.

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