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Greenpeace Protest

by msecadm4921

Greenpeace and the Confederation of British Industry came to vebal blows after protest-climbers delaying Prime Minister Tony Blair’s speech at the CBI annual conference on November 29.

Two Greenpeace climbers scaled the ceiling above the speaker’s podium holding banners saying ‘nuclear – wrong answer’ and then dropping down ‘radioactive’ confetti preventing Mr Blair from speaking in the main gallery. Stephen Tindale, Director of Greenpeace, UK said: "Today Blair is trying to launch a new nuclear age and we are here to stop him. Nuclear power is not the answer to climate change – it’s costly, dangerous and a terrorist target." The environmental group did not detail how it got into the venue, in Birmingham.

Meanwhile Sir Digby Jones, Director-General of the CBI, speaking shortly after the attempted disruption of the CBI annual conference, said: “The CBI conference is the place for free and open debate but Greenpeace has no interest in real debate. Its aim was the opposite – to abuse the hospitality we had extended and to stifle and stop debate. It failed completely. The Prime Minister was determined to deliver his speech to the gathered business leaders and Greenpeace was offered the chance to put its views to him, but instead threatened further disruption. The CBI will not be held to ransom or bow to ultimatums. The democratically-elected leader of this nation has every right to speak, and I applaud him, and our delegates, for the determined response which ensured the speech was delivered."

One morning earlier in November, Greenpeace volunteers blockaded three entrances to Downing Street. A truck with the slogan ‘Blair – Climate Failure’ arrived at the Horse Guard’s Road entrance to the PM’s residence. According to Greenpeace, its representatives told police what they were about to do before the vehicle tipped several tonnes of coal in front of the gates. Meanwhile 50 Greenpeace volunteers emptied sacks of coal across the King Charles Street entrance and the access point on Horse Guards. A tipper truck with 14 tonnes of coal, with the slogan ‘Things Can Only Get Wetter’ which was destined for the Whitehall entrance was stopped by police.

Also in November, eight Greenpeace were found guilty of public order offences, at Hull Magistrates Court , after a protest on April 26, during the 2005 general election campaign. The eight – wearing orange boiler suits and yellow helmets – installed solar panels on the roof of Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s Hull home, and unfurled a banner, while Mr Prescott’s wife Pauline was inside. She told the court how she had felt ‘terrorised’ during the incident.

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