Wireless fire alarm products

by Mark Rowe

Building on the LogiFire range of alarm products, Comelit-PAC has added a wireless fire detection series. The firm says they’re for installations in which a wired solution may not be practical. Transceivers are available to expand a system.

Available with addressable or conventional transceivers capable of cloud and remote monitoring, the new wireless devices cut out the need for cabling, so reducing installation time and project costs, the company says. Mandy Bowden, Comelit-PAC Fire Manager, says: “The demand for wireless fire detection systems is growing significantly. Their increasing popularity can be attributed to the ease of installation, reliability and flexibility in configuration, ideal for a seamless new build or retrofit system for both residential and commercial applications.

“Comelit-PAC’s devices have been designed with LogiFire aesthetics in mind and to be placed in a building, connecting to the main system. We believe we are one of the few to offer as standard an addressable wireless solution that can benefit remote monitoring via cloud integration, especially useful to reduce reliance on waking watch facilities and associated costs.”

The addressable transceiver sits on the loop with an isolator for added protection. This adds to a wired system the makers say by allowing indication of tamper faults, battery faults, device faults, contamination levels and alarm reporting by the panel and remotely via the cloud. The addressable transceivers support up to 32 devices with a maximum of five units per panel.

Added to the range is a conventional transceiver, which may be installed as a stand-alone unit with a conventional panel or alongside conventional wired devices. This allows one transceiver per zone, with up to a maximum of five zones. The products give a range of up to 1500m and a battery life expectancy of ten years on detectors and manual call points, and eight years on sounder beacons.

Mandy added: “As wireless fire detection systems become more common, we have a duty of care and responsibility as an industry to provide systems that can accommodate the evolving needs and priorities of all building types, based on a thorough site survey. In addition, with the rise in fire safety legislation, it’s critical to present smart and compliant methods for early detection and prevention. All coming together with no compromise to style or futureproof technical capability, as you would come to expect from the Comelit-PAC’s LogiFire portfolio.”

The devices are certified to the European standards EN54-25, EN54-17 and EN54-18. Visit

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