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by Mark Rowe

New from Vivotek is its AI entry-tier 9383-Series network camera, which allows use of AI video analytics services, for recognising attributes of people and cars, the IP surveillance product manufacturer says.

The camera integrates with Core+ AI Network Video Recorder (Core+ AI NVR), or the VAST Security Station (VSS) software. With the addition of a new feature “Case Vault,” VSS can compile and produce video data within one minute and provide a report for critical videos, the developers add. This addresses the old challenge of time-consuming gathering of image data, through an AI solution that integrates hardware and software, Vivotek says.

Louis Liao, Director of Product Planning at Vivotek, says: “Vivotek has been devoted to the security industry for 24 years, and to keep pace with the rapidly growing AI market, Vivotek continues to launch customer-centred diverse products. To expedite AI application and expand product market share, VIVOTEK C-Series launches for the first time AI entry-tier 9383-Series network camera, which is combined with the industry-leading AI smart surveillance system VSS to target global SME owners, helping them to build complete AI solutions under limited budgets, creating more intelligent and efficient operational environments.”

The AI algorithm is used to analyse subjects like people and cars, including colour, car model, and wearing of backpack and cap. The 9383-Series camera comes with a 5-million-pixel lens and video sensors, which delivers 2.5x greater dynamic range than sensors of the previous generation, the makers report. The product has weather-resistant and vandal-proof ratings of IP66 and IK10, for durability in the harsh outdoors.

The company also offers AI surveillance system Core+ AI Network Video Recorder and VSS to build AI solutions. Both Core+AI Network Video Recorder and VSS have Deep Search technology. VSS’ AI analytics can connect up to 22,400 cameras. VSS uses the Deep Search feature, which includes three major assisted searches: attribute search for people and vehicles, scene search, and re-search. With the newly added “Case Vault” feature, VSS can find needed images and organise video clips based on the designated time and location, and generate a report.

Vivotek offers a five year warranty on 9383-Series. Visit www.vivotek.com.

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